About me

Hello, my name is Bård Sandemose. I'm a Norwegian illustrator, graphic designer/artist (and musician). I work within a range of different styles, and I'm always up for a challenge that can further increase my arsenal of creative ammunition.

At age seventeen I moved to India on my own to attend an international high school called UWC Mahindra College. This experience turned me into a bit of a global nomad, having since lived in London and Istanbul before returning to Oslo where I'm currently based.

My artwork can be found on wristwatches from Canadian custom watch company may28th and on wallets and iphone cases from Crispywallet.com, a German company. In the past few years I've also been selling my patterns and illustrations to customers all over the world through shutterstock, the world's leading microstock agency. During my time in London I worked full time for a charity called the Fuse School, creating animated educational videos reaching a global audience of learners through Youtube.

The image on the front page consists of objects that have come across my path as a collector of little things, from way back in the early nineties and until today. Big thanks to Dario for coding and implementing this site and to Stein for photographical assistance.